I try to improve myself a little bit every day. I’ve heard the “get 1% better every day,” “take baby steps,” “kaizen method” spiels, but I’ve never been one for vague metaphoric mantras. I prefer “incrementalism.” I’m currently the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. The reasons are manifold but tiny. I don’t know if my happiness will last forever, or even much longer, but I can say with confidence […]

Among Thieves

Among Thieves – A Mass Effect Interactive Fiction Tale

I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but I thought I’d share it now that Mass Effect Andromeda has been released. I wrote an interactive fiction story in the Mass Effect universe with the intention of using it for a portfolio piece for a game writing position, but managed to find game writing work without it. It’s a spec script, if you will, including voice over notes and cinematic […]

Man akin.

Stolen Identity

I was an empty shell, punctured and robbed. “I” was a bizarre concept. Who was I? I remembered a life—life in the biological sense. Eating, sleeping, fucking. Flashes of city lights and views through car windows. I knew what a car was. What a city was. But I didn’t know my city, or my car, or if I had a car, or if I could have a car. As I […]

Bugging the Writer

My time at this year’s Global Game Jam brought to light some lessons about game development. I’ve worked as a QA at BioWare on Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, and I know full well how many things get thrown on the chopping block in the twilight hours of development. I also know about how unexpected features get thrown in at the last second, to the chagrin of QA teams everywhere. […]

Pixels and Jams at the 2017 Global Game Jam

Over the past weekend, aspiring game devs from all over the world built games together from start to finish in a 48-hour period. And I was one of them. Edmonton was one of the many cities to host a space for jammers to meet up, form teams, and create cool stuff. We dreamed up ideas way too big for our britches, painstakingly crafted art and narrative and gameplay and music and […]

365-Day Challenge: Highlights

Now that I’ve finished up my writing prompt challenge, I wanted to go through all my stories and see what came out of it. Naturally, the prompts were all scrappy little first drafts, very loose, but nonetheless there were many that I kind of liked. For anyone wanting to read through my stories: I understand that 365 flash fictions is a big ask. I had family members tell me I wrote […]

6 Steps to Doing Your Own Writing Prompt Challenge

Last post I talked about my experience doing a 365-day writing prompt challenge. To sum it up, it was tough, but incredibly rewarding. Writing every day for a year helped me ignore my inner critic and just write like crazy without needing to spend minutes (or hours) staring at a blank page. It also results in a heck of a lot of little stories ripe for the ol’ polish-and-publish (I’m sure […]

Born in a Maze

Jamie was born with a rather unusual birthmark. It had the look of a tree’s inner rings, almost a perfect circle on his wrist just below his palm. The uniqueness of it got a lot of attention as he grew up, but he himself never paid it much mind. It was as familiar as the top of his nose, and not worth staring at. He was nine before he noticed there […]

Double Decaf

Jenny could always tell which of her customers wanted to die, even before they placed the order. It was rare that a suicidal customer visited her cafe, though. Usually they came for the same sludge they always came for. When a very chipper young man slid into the cafe, as bright and cheery as the bells on the door, Jenny thought he might be looking for something sweet, like a […]