Pixels and Jams at the 2017 Global Game Jam

Over the past weekend,¬†aspiring game devs from all over the world built games together from start to finish in a 48-hour period. And I was one of them. Edmonton was one of the many cities to host a space for jammers to meet up, form teams, and create cool stuff. We dreamed up ideas way too big for our britches, painstakingly crafted art and narrative and gameplay and music and […]

Villain’s Ball

“You’re going to fail, and you’re going to die,” said Montagne. The Dark Lord’s sword stopped just shy of Montagne’s neck. “You have no weapon,” whispered a cold voice from behind the mask. “No armour. No army behind you.” “It’s not¬†me who’ll kill you, sport,” Montagne laughed. He clapped the Dark Lord’s lobstered pauldon. “If I were a betting man, I’d say you’ve got a nasty little case of rebels […]