About Kyle

Hello there, attractive person. I’m Kyle Hubbard, a word incubator, AKA writer. A 30-year-old freelance writer from everwinter Canada to be more specific. This is my website. You’ve finally made it.

During 2016, I did a “hat trick writing prompt challenge” on this very site. Said challenge involved writing 15-minute writing prompts based on daily draws of three categories from a hat. Every day, for 365 days. So I have a pretty big archive of silly flash fictions. But maybe you like that kind of thing?

As a freelancer, I specialize in game narrative. Everything from cutscene scripting to narrative design to branching dialog. I’ve also written articles, ghostwritten books, and tested games and software. If you have a project you think I might be a good fit for, give me a shout at KyleRHubbard [at] gmail [period] com. You can also find me on Twitter using @TheKyleHubbard. Most of my freelancing jobs have been over Upwork.com, so feel free to check out my portfolio and work history on my Upwork page for more information.

Get cozy, friends. Stay awhile. And hey.


– H.